Our equipment is diesel-powered.
Our company is people-powered.

Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

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LaRS is a professional site development contractor, created out of a passion for moving earth and developing people.

With decades of experience represented at every level of our organization – from our leadership to our teams on the site – we believe our people are the most critical factor to any project’s success.

Our vast experience includes commercial and residential projects, municipality work and private sector clients. We know that clear and consistent communication are a top priority. Our leadership has developed personal relationships and insights to ensure the groundwork for your success.

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LaRS has a proven track record, with project experience that spans single family site prep to roadway development, utility upgrades, commercial parking lots, storm water ponds and building pads.

Infrastructure & Environmental

Clearing & Demolition

Rough & Fine Grading

Water, Sewer & Stormwater